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Symbolic interaction pertains to the societal position on oneself and the society. The nucleus thought in this is that worlds live in what is known as a symbolic sphere. The symbols here are objects which are culturally derived socially with shared significances which are brought up and maintained through societal interaction. Through communicating. idea and linguistic communication. symbols put frontward the agencies for world building. What is referred as world is a societal merchandise that is chiefly humanly eventful. Culture head. ego and society is dependent on symbolic interaction for its being and emerges from the same. Even the physical environment that we are populating in is taken as being relevant to the behavior of worlds. chiefly the chief ground being it is all interpreted through symbols and the manner it interacts with the 1s who live in it. There are three cardinal pillars of symbolic interaction. These consist of. the significance which is the building of societal world. linguistic communication which is used to convey up the significance and idea which are used to internalise the linguistic communications to come up with a certain significance. To demo symbolic interaction. I will establish my statement on the film ‘non stop’ by Bill Marks.
In the Jaume Collet-Serra‘s most recent movie. Non-Stop. clearly brings out the construct of symbolic interaction in that its hero receives a concatenation of cryptic text messages. Here symbolic interaction portrays itself as this hero has to believe. internalise and come up with the significance of what the individual in the other terminal. Liam Neeson. who plays Bill Marks is a United States Air Marshal and he brings with him baggage both factual and symbolic. While he is on a trans-Atlantic flight stoping in London. he receives a text message directing that a amount of $ 150MM be deposited into a bank history. One thing that is put clear in this demand is. if it is non met. one rider will decease. Mark is confused on what to make as he is seeking to calculate out things. hence this is a clear show of symbolic interaction in this movie. After the happening of one decease. Mark who is helped by a flight attender and one rider tries to unknot this wretchedness by seeking to happen who was doing such menaces. They do non desire to confront more deceases and so they must cognize what these people want so that more deceases can non be experienced. As grade attempts to believe what was the significance of all that. he tries the riddance method where he tries to extinguish the riders one by one as the possible suspects. One by one. Marks attempts to extinguish each of the riders as a possible suspect. Nevertheless. the tabular array bit by bit turns on the marshal. who is suspected of commandeering the plane for ransom money and non the lone Jesus. This becomes even worse after the find of a bomb in the other marshal’s briefcase. This besides is a large show of symbolic interaction as Mark is confused about want the society rely demands from him.
The other show of this facet of this film is when 1 is unable to clearly state who the scoundrel here is as all the characters are striving to accomplish two dimensions of the narrative. There are many suspects runing from the leery bald adult male with attitude complications. the middle-eastern physician the retiring adult female take a firm standing on window seats and the black adult male who won’t allow off his dark glassess. There are many inquiries traversing one’s head as seeking to cognize who the bad cat is for certain. Mark goes through most scenes in the film with an air intuition refering him.
When Markss was watching a picture cartridge holder. he notices Bowen stealing the phone used to text into the second’s toxicant pocket and he had cleared him of any intuition. On this realisation. Mark accordingly engages him in a battle. By so a disclosure was made that Bowel’s father died the 9/11 onslaught by terrorists. Bowen was shocked at the inefficient security at the airdrome after the 9/11. while he hoped that he will be more unafraid by bordering grade. He is good ready to decease in the plane and attempts to short the people who tried to acquire off with the money after he was convinced by grade to demilitarize the bomb. Following another battle. Bowen receives an head slug from Mark. Here we are able to see a great portion of symbolic and interaction as this is what helps Mark to calculate out through believing what Bowen was seeking to originate and got the significance which led to his riddance.
He is portrayed as a heavy drinker. non merely because he is seen blending liquor with tea before come ining the airdrome. but besides his wont of stirring it with his toothbrush. His imbibing becomes finally how people define him and non something that defines himself. By this linguistic communication that this film shaper attempts to convey up the ideas which finally make people to reason mark’s imbibing job. This besides shows an case of symbolic interaction in this film.
Finally. an facet of symbolic interaction is seen when it is revealed that the terrorist originator was seeking to pull strings affairs so that Neeson’s marshal appears to be the highjacker. The wave of his gun and roughing up the riders does non look to assist. As the riders were truly ready to lift against their bogus capturer. Neeson offers everyone a free international travel for one twelvemonth. Rice is able to pull off an exigency landing at an Iceland air base after the detonation of the bomb by seeking to ignore his combatant bodyguard orders. In malice of their warnings. the combatant plane does non originate any shots and lets the plane to set down good. As there were no casualties. apart from the immature miss who was about zipped out of the hole. Mark is summoned as a hero by the media taging the terminal of the film.
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