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The poem spotlights on specific rivers like Euphrates, Congo, Mississippi and Nile by which the poem make it to the President Abraham Lincoln’s visit to New Orleans, where he was stunned by the scenes of slavery. The references to the waterways track their course from before there were individuals, than from early Middle Eastern history, west to the colossal riverss of Africa lastly to the USA. The word Negro” indicates the theme of slavery, reinforced by the African rivers the Mississippi and the pervasive words denoting darkness. There is an emphatic intimation of triumph over the suppressive, colonising and enslaving history. There is a sense of an eternalness, or what seems eternal to any human living on Earth. He sends images of several lives across a continent, at rest, in beauty, comforted by the presence of a river. A source of life. With the setting of the sun, which could represent a certain degree of comfort in mortality. Life will go on. Let us enjoy what we can, while we can.

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