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Published: 2020-05-12 07:36:04
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As a professional practitioner I know and I will follow the steps in the process of the child protection investigation. I know that that the process of responding to concerns about children and young people is determined by law and related guidance. There are agreed steps in the sequence to protect vulnerable children or to at decisive for children who have been harmed.

As a Childminder working alone, I am more vulnerable to allegations of abuse being made against my family or me. I will take precautions to protect myself from this happening by:
•Ensuring all household members over 16 are CRB cleared
•Ensuring all visitors to the house sign the visitors book and do not have unsupervised access to the children under any circumstances
•Ensuring, where possible, that no workmen are in the house during minded hours, unless it is to repair an emergency service or for Health & Safety reasons
•Document every accident and incident that occurs whilst in my care, informing parents and requesting them to sign my records
•Noting any marks on the children when they arrive and asking parents to inform me of any accidents that have occurred whilst outside my care
•Ensuring the children are supervised at all times
•Keeping accurate records on each child and writing a daily diary
However sometimes allegations are made and this unfortunate situation cannot be avoided. I will then follow the procedure detailed below, in order to gain support and professional advice:
I will ask any witnesses (if there were any) to also write a statement detailing the incident they witnessed and giving their contact details in case it needs to be followed up by the authorities. My childminding services would be suspended whilst social services investigated the allegations of abuse.

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