The Dutch East India Company The Boers History Essay

Published: 2020-07-08 06:46:04
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The Boers ( which means husbandman in Dutch ) are a group of people who were encouraged by the Dutch East India Company to travel to southern Africa to turn harvests in the district around Cape Town ( 1 ) . They were sent to southern Africa non merely to turn harvests, but so they would n’t steal the company ‘s valuable sea paths and seek to gain from the provisioning of other ships. The Boers who lived in the ness tried to ground with the Khoikihoi by trading, but they refused. The Boers are did n’t respond excessively nicely. The Boers are a cultural group of Afrikaner descendants who have immigrated to Cape Town and have no compunction for any of the conflicts that they have fought for their land.
The Boers descendants originated within modern South Africa. Because of the Boers trekgees, which means the desire to roll, they ended up migrating around Cape Town. They believed that they were chosen by God to take southern Africa and set up a Christian settlement and distribute their devoutness. While at the Cape, non merely did they set up their Christian settlement, but they farmed goods and raised cowss for the Dutch East India Company ( 1 ) . While at the Cape, the Afrikaners took over Khoikhoi and the San ‘s land to utilize it as their farm. When the Boers farmed goods were done, they would merchandise it with the Dutch East India Company in exchange for Dutch goods such as spirits or beads, which was worth of small value. The Boers besides tried to merchandise with their adjacent group of people such as the Khoikhoi, but they were n’t excessively sensible. Since the Khoikhoi refused to merchandise with Afrikaners, they were subjected to cattle foraies and shortly plenty, the sum of cowss started to drop. In which, the Boers moved even more in debt into Khoikhoi ‘s land. The Boers and the company both claimed the Khoikhoi and San land as if they are free to regulate the land. They saw the land as free for the pickings. By taking the Khoikhoi and San land, the Boers pushed them towards the North and E. The Khoikhoi were n’t excessively happy with this and unleashed lunacy with the start of the Khoi/Dutch War ( 1 ) .
From 1673 to 1677, the Khoi/Durch War started a series of atrocious Acts of the Apostless, brushs and cowss foraies began between the two and bloodshed started to pour. Because of the superior supply of guns and Equus caballuss, the Dutch had an upper advantage and emerged winning ( 1 ) . Now that the land belonged to the Dutch, they started to lease out the land to more Afrikaners who were interested in being active in a husbandman ‘s life at the Cape. The Company was get downing to hold a demand of supplies. Because of the Khoikhoi and San involuntariness to work, they compant imported slaves from Madagascar, Mozambique, and Indonesia ( 1 ) . By the clip the 1700 came, the Boers production of goods was three times every bit much nutrient as the company required for the Cape ‘s supply demands. As the Boers reign of success came up, they saw small demand to remain under the Cape ‘s supervising and moved up the seashore. They hunted large game animate beings such as elephants for nutrient supply and for merchandising the Khoikhoi for their cowss. They Boers so established cattle spreads of their ain within the Khoikhois district and one time once more, forced them to travel out of their district. Due to this, some of the Khoikhois resulted to going retainers and labourers for the Boers. The San people started to experience a menace and raided the Boers herds. Without any idea, the Afrikaners decided to end the San and about wiped them out into extinction.
Not merely did the Afrikaners have to confront the Khoikhois, but they besides have to confront the opposition from Khoikhoi guerillas, which were the Africans ( 1 ) . Now holding a new enemy up in front, the Boers formed units of people to establish consecutive barbarous onslaughts. Once once more, the Boers had the upper advantage due to their weaponries and Equus caballuss. Not to advert the Africans unwellness from the white adult male ‘s disease. This meant about entire licking towards the Africans. For those that survived, they retreated northerly along with the San people. For those who stayed within the Boers district, their cowss were raided and their kids were frequently kidnapped and set into bondage until maturity.
Within the late 1760 ‘s, The Boers expanded even more westbound and met a group of people called the Xhosa. They both moved in onto the new land and claimed their topographic points with no mistake. The Xhosa grazed the land between the spreads that the Boers established. The Boers finally got land hungry and decided to take up some of the Xhosas land and ended up forcing them onto smaller grazing lands. The Boers and Xhosa ended up holding a war over their land and the company interveined by stoping the war with a signed pact with the Xhosa. The Company acted out of choler and refused to merchandise with the Boers.The Boers had a rebellion against the Company. With both sides necessitating supples, both sides are sustained. The Boers democracy collapsed, while the Companys authorization over southern African would shortly make ( 1 ) .
In 1795, the controll of the ness passed from the Dutch to the British ( 1 ) . With the British and Gallic war, the British hoped to barricade off the Gallic by cutting off their entree to the Indian Ocean trading path with a military base within Cape Town ( 1 ) . The govern of the British regulation is in really much good controll over the nesss land. With the Gallic causation much hazzard towards the British regulation, they so returned it to the Dutch

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