The Effect of Being an Athlete

Published: 2020-07-05 13:36:05
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Amber Brooks Eng 105-MW Mr. Connolly Cause and Effect August 25,2011 The Effect of Being an Athlete Practicing a sport is much more than what it seems to be. When you are in a sport you are pushing your body to do things to reach a goal or to better a skill. There are many effects of being an athlete that eventually will show. Three main effects are physical, human, and social. Your physical capabilities will become much more defined as you perfect your craft. Your body will be in better shape that will allow you to do more things. The tone, lungs, stamina and mass will increase dramatically.
Especially if you are taking it serious the work you put into it will give great results. By exercising your body will become healthier, which means fewer illnesses and injuries. Not only will doing a good work out help you but having a healthier will do the body just. Salads, fruit, water and the right meat things that everyone needs to take in on a daily basis. People have a hard time sticking to diets, due to certain foods they enjoy; but if they only knew it’s all the portions and exercise that will help them maintain a healthy body. It’s a win win situation when you take care of your body.
People tend to live longer and have a happy life. Your personal life may not be so personal after you take on the role to be an Athlete. You will not have the time to do whatever whenever you feel. Your focus will be to stay fit for your commitment of your sport. People at the gym will know you more than yourself (hopefully not). It might be that your life has turned into you being fitness junky. Once you’re on a team or what not you’ll be traveling around the world do what you do best; therefore you’ll be bouncing around everywhere not having the quality time for your loved ones.
Besides the times when you stop in back home for a weekend. Those times are precious for you and your loved ones. The most important out of all the effects is the social. I say this because it can change you in some ways. There will be a lot of people that will come way you’re in your time of being a great athlete. Some for good intentions and some for bad intentions. They are not always easy to weed out. You will soon learn; who is your friend, and who is out to get you for whatever reason that may be.
Friends turn into family because you’re around them so much which is a great thing. Your second family is your team their there with you going through the same thing you are, so they have an understanding. You will become more competitive, responsible, which will help you in a professional life. The effects of being an athlete shape your body and life in good ways. It keeps you entertained and out of trouble. You will have the experience of traveling the world and doing new things. Most importantly your health will be at its best.

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