The Effect of Modern Technology on the Social Well-Being of Youth Essay

Published: 2020-06-08 09:41:04
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In the twenty-first century. Modern Technology played a really of import function in the lives of people particularly with the young person. Nowadays. harmonizing to some research. pupils of this coevals are one of the major users of the innovations created by great heads with the aid of modern engineering. Most of the pupils depended all their plants may it be related to school or non to this engineering and as a consequence they forgot to make things in their ain manner and utilizing their ain thought and they even let themselves be manipulated by all the comfort the new engineering brings them. The research workers decided to carry on the survey to find the effects such as its advantages and disadvantages this issue might make to the societal life style of the childs presents.
The research workers besides want to place factors that lead to the youth’s unmanageable dependence to modern engineering and its admirations. Statement of the Problem This survey intends to place the effects every bit good as the advantages and disadvantages of modern engineering to the societal wellbeing of young person in conformity to the usage of appliances as tool that helped in deteriorating their societal life style. Specifically this survey aims to: 1. Determine the effects of Modern Technology a. Advantages to the Youth’s Social Lifestyle B. Disadvantages to the Youth’s Social Lifestyle 2. Enumerate factors that caused the Addiction to Modern Technology Significance of the Study Filipino adolescents are now fond of utilizing appliances.
Mobile phones here. iPad at that place. appliances everyplace. They don’t know that inordinate use of these modern engineerings decreases their ability to socialise with other people or other adolescents. It is really of import to carry on a survey to allow the young person be cognizant of the effects of modern engineering specifically on their societal life and its possible consequence to pull strings their manner of life.
It will allow them recognize that they should command or restrict the usage of these things as to forestall farther bad effects that might happen to them. Statement of the Problem The survey will be conducted inside the school campus as the pupils who were involved with the issue were normally found inside the country. The pupils will be given questionnaires and follow-up inquiries in order for the research workers to obtain the consequences needed for the survey. The research workers needed 100 respondents to obtain possible consequences from the survey conducted.

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