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Since so, when the adult male was created, Health has been the basic necessity of life. Without a proper mental and physical wellness, adult male can non make anything. Uptil now, much survey has been carried out on this huge subject but still there are many countries of the universe where Health consciousness is still an issue to be addressed. One of such countries is our fatherland, Pakistan. Many surveies have been made from the clip of our state showed itself on the universe map. But still there it is missing behind as people are still non cognizant about the demands of good being both physically and mentally. For the creative activity and development of wellness consciousness many stairss were taken by the Government Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations. These organisations are still working under the Ministry of Health in Pakistan. New proposals have been made by these organisations for the improvement of people with regard to Health.
Health Farm is an constitution, where people come for the betterment of their wellness and to take safety steps to populate every bit good existences, both physically and mentally, utilizing assorted wellness improving and bar procedures.1 Harmonizing to World Health Organization, mental wellness which a individual requires to populate as a well-being is defined as, A province of wellbeing in which every person realizes his or her ain potency, can get by with the normal emphasiss of life, can work fruitfully and productively, and is able to do a part to her or his community. 2Physical wellness can be defined as holding health of external variety meats i.e. every external portion of the organic structure map good as it is supposed to make, and internal organic structure variety meats i.e. every internal organic structure organ should work good to coordinate with the other internal organic structure variety meats. Both the physical and mental wellness depend on the maps of organic structure systems and the efficiency of these systems chiefly depend on environment, nutrition and physical activities.3
These health care services are provided through the Health Farm, which a individual needs in day-to-day life, like nutrition at counsel, callisthenicss counsel, H2O interventions, steam interventions and emphasis let go ofing environment etc.
Persons, who need uninterrupted counsel for longer period like yearss or for few hours, are both gratified in the Health Farms. Residencies are provided in Health Farms for the individuals who require intervention period of few yearss.
Undertaking Purpose and Nature:
The undertaking will be to supply Health to the people. Its basic construct is to steer the people that how they can hold a healthy province which is defined by the World Health Organization as a province of complete physical and mental fittingness required to populate in a community.4
The undertaking will be of the Nature which provides:
Mental Relaxation and Physical Fitness through assorted wellness lovingness processs, design of the Health Farm and the environment. ”
Undertaking Aims:
Many health care services are provided by beauty parlours, watering place and fittingness nines. These services are non accessible by many people as they have to travel from one topographic point to another for holding different wellness lovingness processs which is non possible for many people.
To present a type of installation that is required for the development of public wellness
To supply a installation by which people can reconstruct their wellness and at the same clip can bask their period of intervention, by holding better environment, alternatively of worrying about their province of wellness, which is a common response of the people in that status.
To supply an environment through Design by which people feel stress-free, tranquil, contented and physically healthy.
Justification of the Undertaking:
In Pakistan, most of the population does non cognize about the demands of good wellness. They need a topographic point where they can acquire counsel and consciousness about their wellness jobs and solutions before they get into terrible unwellness. This sort of the undertaking will most likely be done first clip in Pakistan. Many health care services are available in the state but they are non at the criterion where they should be to work decently in an organized manner and on the other manus many health care services are non provided in the state like aquatic exercisings, detoxification of the organic structure through bathing and emphasis relieving steps.
This topographic point will supply chances for the people to be healthy utilizing assorted processs, non by coming daily to the Health Farm but by taking counsel one time a month or as required harmonizing to their organic structures, and using the processs at their places.
Peoples now are comparatively much aware about their wellness as were in the yesteryear. Harmonizing to Federal Bureau of Statistics, In Pakistan efforts have been made to better the wellness conditions of the people through handiness of trained forces, equal supply of medical specialty and constitution of wellness services. Yet the wellness attention system as a whole is non encouraging. 5
In Pakistan, comparatively much consciousness has been developed about physical wellness but mental wellness consciousness is still a problem in the part. As, many people become physically unfit due to unnatural mental wellness. Harmonizing to an article from the South Asiatic archives, wellness is a low precedence and an stray topic in Pakistan and specially psychopathology and mental wellness are the most ignored and non-existent domains in the wellness bringing system. 6
Now, the following measure is required, to develop farther wellness apprehension and consciousness about both the physical and mental wellness, and to develop an apprehension among people that how they should pull off the unwellness and can hold the bar.
Design restraints:
Heath Farm should be designed by sing the people holding different types of phobic disorder, like some people can be feared from big H2O organic structures and some can be feared from high rise constructions, so these things can decelerate down the advancement of the mental interventions.
Servicess restraints:
In the Health Farm, installations will be provided merely for the normal individuals but who are confronting troubles to populate every bit good existences. Physically or mentally unnatural individuals will non be catered here, as they have particular topographic points for them.
Age restraints:
There are age confines, for the group of people who can bask this installation. Persons under 18 are non gratified in the Health Farm i.e. for grownups and non for kids. Peoples, who want to bask the installation but should hold to take their kids with them, would be provided with separate kids infinites so that no break should be faced due to them. This infinite would be for the people who will be on hours intervention and non on yearss intervention.
Issue to be addressed:
This is a new undertaking in the part, to form and plan such a farm in which new installations are to be introduced will be an issue as specializers or trainers for some of the processs is non available in the part who can steer the people sing the farm.
The other trouble will be of the statistical informations for mental wellness in the part as mentioned earlier mental wellness in the state is ignored ; hence, really less information is available on this portion.
Direct survey on supplying an environment through Design by which people feel stress-free, tranquil, contented is non available.
Another trouble in doing the undertaking a success is to make consciousness among people about wellness and the benefits of the installations offered by the Health Farm.
A farther issue is that as there is a deficiency of wellness consciousness and illness direction, particularly in the small towns and towns. Minor jobs turn into major 1s merely because of non holding the first assistance. Peoples should be cognizant of handling minor amendss.
The above mentioned troubles can be solved by following the appropriate solutions. The solution for job of deficit or non-availability can be to ask for external trainers to give preparation to the local trainers of the part or people from the state will be directing to the other states, which are offering such installations, for preparation.
Required statistical informations can be collected by questioning a figure of people and through questionnaires. This can be done by questioning common people and professionals like head-shrinkers.
The survey on supplying an environment through Design by which people feel stress-free, tranquil, contented can be made by sing and detecting different loosen uping environments constructed in the country and holding treatments with the professionals like conservationists and health care designers.
Health consciousness and consciousness of benefits from installations that will be offered at the Health Farm can be created through electric media, print media and by forming seminars on this subject.
If people from any portion of the state are trained in an constitution by the specializers, so those trainees can learn the people in their countries and like this many casualties can be treated in clip. This process is known as Training the trainers ” and is ongoing in many institutes of Pakistan by the Government like National Agriculture Research Center and Pakistan Agriculture Research Center. But this process is working for the Fieldss of agribusiness and animate beings. It should besides be started for the development of the human wellness.
Proposed Methodology:
In order to plan a Health Farm with all the commissariats, research will be made from books, magazines and cyberspace. Discussions will be held with conservationists, physicians, dieticians, cosmeticians and fittingness experts. Interviews with common individuals will be conducted to cognize their wellness demands and issues.
Spaces where installations related to wellness attention are provided will be visited to analyze their positive and negative facets on users. Some of the topographic points are Islamabad Club, Marriott Hotel, thr Gun Club, a Sanatorium in Murree and other similar topographic points.
Case surveies will be done to understand the design and environmental demands. One of the undertakings which have been studied is Champney ‘s watering place resorts in United Kingdom.
Literatature will be reviewed to accomplish aims and to hold the solutions of the issues. Some stuff is studied from the books Islamic Surveys by Manfred Ullmann and Toxic Substances in the environment by B.Magnus Francis. The following book to be surveies is Health Psychology by Edward P. Sarafino.
The above mentioned methodological analysis has been started to originate the undertaking apprehension and to accomplish the aims.
The designing of the Health Farm will be started after understanding all the facets and demands of the Health Farm.
Expected Results:
By the apprehension and application of all the above mentioned steps, people will be able to hold a good wellness, both physically and mentally. Public will be cognizant of bar, intervention and direction of unwellness.
An initial measure of planing an environment, which will assist in the intervention pregcess, through Architecture will be introduced in the state and it will be the start of An attack towards design for a Healthy Living ” .
Although no 1 can hold a perfect wellness so by functioning the populace with this undertaking, a individual can hold a province of complete physical fittingness and a societal well being, which are the basic demands of a individual to populate a pleased life.
Site Description:
Site Selection Criteria:
The site for the Health Farm should be at a topographic point which is environmentally sound, holding less pollution, acceptable conditions conditions throughout the twelvemonth and is easy accessible.
In Pakistan there are four states with different conditions conditions. Sindh is really much hot in summers and less cold in winters with hot and humid clime at some topographic points, Balochistan is holding mild winters but dry and hot summers, Punjab is holding hot summers and cold winters, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa faces hot and dry summers and intensely cold winters.
Site Location:
The most favourable conditions for the site are near federal country where there is acceptable temperature in both summers and winters as compared to the other countries of the state. This topographic point is environmentally sound and holding good proportion of verdure.
Therefore, the site is proposed near Quaid-e-Azam University at the start of Third Avenue.
The site comes under Capital Development Authority and hence C.D.A Byelaws should be followed at planing and be aftering phases.
The undermentioned orbiter position is demoing the proposed site:
3rd avenue site.jpg
Site Google Earth Image, 17-10-10.
Site Detailss:
The site is covering entire country of 29, 90,000 sq.ft. Its adjacent countries include diplomatic enclave, small town Malpur ( The small town which was shifted from the site of Rawal Dam when the planning for the dike was started ) , and huge green unfastened countries. The Quaid-e-Azam University is 2.6 kilometer from the site.
The site is easy accessible and is close to the metropolis country. Therefore, it will be easy for exigency services to near in clip in instance of any pressing state of affairs. The ambiance on the site is less contaminated as compared to the other countries. There will be less opportunity of air taint as there are no such installations near the site that contain and research on bacteriums and viruses like National Institute of Health.

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