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Published: 2020-06-10 16:11:05
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Yang Yuhuan ( 719-756 ) , was known as one of the most beautiful adult females in Chinese history. Her beauty was described by a big figure of poets. Peoples still have strong wonder about this grace and beautiful adult female today.
Yang Yuhuan was born in Sichuan Province in 719. She had learnt music and dance since she was immature. When she was 17, because of her beauty and great endowment in music and dance, she was chosen by Consort Wu and married with Consort Wu and Emperor Xuanzong ‘s boy Li Mao. Li Mao loved her really much and they had five old ages ‘ happy clip together.
However, Emperor Xuanzong coveted Yang Yuhuan ‘s beauty. In order to avoid the unfavorable judgments from the people, he commanded Yang to go a Taoist nun with the name Taizhen. Yang Yuhuan moved into the castle as a Taoist nun for a brief clip, before Emperor Xuanzong let her go the imperial courtesan. After the Emperor Xuanzong made a pet of Yang, Yang got a really high place in the castle, and her household started to boom and became baronial and powerful bit by bit.
Yang Yuhuan was non merely beautiful ; she was adept in playing the luting, dancing and singing. That was the ground why Emperor Xuanzong favored her so much. When she rode a Equus caballus, the powerful eunuch Gao Lishi would flog for her. 700 labourers were conscripted to run up cloths for her. The functionaries and generals were eager to blandish her by offering her unusual and keen hoarded wealths. She loved litchi really much ; litchi was a sort of fruit which merely was produced in the South. However, the capital she lived was in the North. In order to allow Yang eat fresh lichees, many functionaries tried their best to transport lichee from the South. The people criticized that the functionaries used their power to blandish the courtesan alternatively of assisting the people have a good life stealthily ; a poet even wrote a verse form to satirise.
The interesting thing is though Yang Yuhuan was favored by the emperor, she did n’t go a queen. There may be two grounds. The first is Emperor Xuanzong considered Yang was his boy ‘s married woman ; it was him that coveted Yang ‘s beauty and snatched her from his boy. If he allow Yang go the queen, the relationship between he and his boy would be tense. The 2nd ground is Yang Yuhuan did n’t hold a kid with Emperor Xuanzong. In the feudal society, giving birth to a boy for the emperor was the most of import stipulation to be a queen. Although Emperor Xuanzong loved Yang so much, he had no ability to bear the functionaries ‘ unfavorable judgment. He was afraid that if he allow Yang go the queen, the functionaries would be resentful, even rebelled. So Yang Yuhuan did n’t go the queen.
There are many narratives about Emperor Xuanzong of Tang and Yang Yuhuan, some of which are romantic love narratives. Some people do non like the mode about Emperor Xuanzong. Peoples think how a bad adult male the Emperor Xuanzong was that he made his boy ‘s married woman become his married woman. No affair how the Emperor was like, today, we ‘d wish to speak about their love narratives.
At first, Yang Yuhuan was Tang Xuanzong ‘s daughter-in-law. At that clip, one of Emperor Xuanzong ‘s married womans died. He felt so sad. One twenty-four hours, he saw Yang by opportunity. He found that Yuan was so beautiful and smart that he was profoundly attracted by the capturing adult female. Yang was really soft. She made Emperor Xuanzong feel comfy. Then he fell in love with her. He spent many yearss and the whole bag of fast ones to do Yang go his married woman.
Emperor Xuanzong loved Yang so much that he did all he could make to delight this queen of Black Marias.
Yang was fond of bathing. She enjoyed the bathing clip. To fulfill his lover, every October, Emperor Xuanzong took her to the Huaqing Chi where was celebrated for the hot spring, and until the following February, they went back to the castle.
Yang liked to eat litchi, but at that clip litchi were really rare. Merely at the South had the lichee. The traffic was non every bit convenient as today ‘s. Transporting the lichee from south to north at the limited clip was truly hard. Most people did n’t make bold to accept this mission. However, the Emperor Xuanzong must fulfill his love and he spent a batch of many and energies to do this conveyance possible and do litchi stay fresh. For Yang, Emperor Xuanzong could give anything merely for her one smiling. Her felicity was his most comfort.
We all know that in the feudal society, the emperor had rights to get married as many married womans as he wanted. When one of those married womans made a error, she would be punished or ne’er see the emperor once more, even be killed. When we read some books about the history of Yang Yu Huan, we will happen that Emperor Xuanzong merely allow Yang Yuhuan go back place when she made some large errors.
Presents, still a big plentifulness of people doubt the love between Emperor Xuanzong and Yang Yu huan. Many people think Yang was a bad adult female. However, in our positions, the definition on Yang is excessively absolute. We should see the adult female in different ways. When Yuan Yu Huan married Emperor Xuanzong, he was really old, and his married woman was merely died for a piece. He felt really lonely and sad. Yang ‘s visual aspect was a happenstance. The emperor loved her foremost, and he made Yang ‘s life as he liked. How should a adult female do at that clip? Resistance could non do something changed. What she could make was merely obeying the emperor ‘s agreement. The elegant adult female, she was so immature and still full of energy. She was smart. Both of them loved music deeply. Yang brought Emperor Xuanzong such a different feeling and with Yang ‘s company, he was happy. The matrimony between them was non her mistake. We all know the adult females in antediluvian had no right to state no ” . They had no pick but accept. Yang Yu Huan was a suffering adult female. She died when she 38 old ages old. She was so immature when she ended up her life. She died for her hubby, for the whole state. She had no right and opportunity to set up her dreaming hereafter. When she was the Emperor Xuanzong ‘s daughter- in-law, she had a happy clip with her first hubby. However, the emperor wanted her. She had no pick but to state yes. When she fell in love with the emperor, their common involvements made their lives more fantastic and unforgettable. However, when they faced the large challenge, the emperor gave up her life to do certain his ain safety.
Lady Yang was a La Favorita of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang. She was drop-dead gorgeous and endowed with good expressions. Besides, she was really cagey. She was good at non merely classical music, but besides dancing, particularly playing luting. Because of her beauty and artistic endowment, Emperor Xuanzong loved her really much.
In order to win Yang ‘s favour, when it was on the season that lichee ripened, Emperor Xuanzong ever dispatched person to transporting the fresh lichee fruit with dew back from Sichuan through the public houses in every five stat mis or 10 stat mis. The enjoyment of the castle was really epicurean. The rarer the daintiness and testimonial were, the more the governor wanted to acquire. In add-on to litchi fruit, there was a sort of vino which was labeled to the castle ‘s vino by Emperor Tang.
It was an impacting sight when she tasted the litchi fruit in Huaqing Palace. Often when Emperor Xuanzong drunk the vino with Yang, the feeling of Yang in his head of class was look back and blink a smile appear 100s of appeals, every castle disappears the colour ” . Li Bai besides had a dedicated verse form to Yang which said clouds want to apparels and flowers want to permit, spring air current sway the railing and demo the beauty ” . Li Bai connected Yang ‘s beauty with her celebrated and capturing smiling, and after taking a sip of the delightful vino which was paid as a testimonial, the beautiful smiling was called Lunong smiling.
Yang ‘s visual aspect surpassed all the other adult females, but the most attractive point to Tang was her masterful music and dance endowment. Tang had the same involvements, so he treated her as his bosom friend and religious mate.
Emperor Xuanzong was good at tune. He had research of music and dance, a batch of Lords had been trained by him. To this artistic emperor, Yang must hold illimitable captivation. Once, Emperor Xuanzong suggested that keeping a concert with both inland and Western Regions ‘ musical instruments, Yang coordinated with him actively. At that minute, Yang was playing luting, while the Emperor Xuanzong was keeping a membranophone. They sang and danced to the top at their set all the dark. Yang was besides good at musical rock. No 1 could excel her. So Emperor Tang ordered a artisan to do a cherished musical rock with particular stuffs and gave her as a present to delight her.
The 4th twelvemonth of Tianbao, Emperor Xuanzong appointed Yang as his La Favorita. Her position was equal to empress. Since Yang entered into the castle, she ne’er talked about authorities matter of the tribunal and obeyed the feudal tribunal ‘s system. Besides, she did n’t go to the battle about power at all ; she merely won Emperor Xuanzong ‘s favour devising usage of her brightness, beauty, mild and artistic endowment. Possibly populating in a epicurean life with the emperor ‘s love was her lone chase. Yang was sent outside the castle twice because she irritated the Emperor. She besides had aberrant relation with An Lushan, but Tang did n’t desire to portion with her at all in the terminal. Until the Turmoil of Anshi, Emperor Xuanzong ran off merely with Yang, but Yang committed suicide eventually at her age of thirty-eight.
Today, tonss of topographic points of historical involvements have a close connexion with Yang. There are many tourers coming to see to cognize more about this queen of Black Marias every twelvemonth. These topographic points are celebrated for Yang ‘s yesteryears.
Yang, as a pretty adult female, was enduring a life which was wholly different from the normal adult females. There are many hypothesizes about her whereabouts and decease, and people give different sentiments to her every bit good.
In the early old ages, most people who knew Yang thought she was a bad adult female, and her being in the castle was the ground that why Tang Dynasty went broke. The most popular expression is that Emperor Xuanzong was addicted to Yang ‘s beauty, and he hang around with Yang every twenty-four hours. Yang made Xuanzong became corrupt and ignored the political relations. So the rebellion rooted and flourished bit by bit and unnoticeably, when Xuanzong was gulling about with Yang. Then the rebellion of Anshi broke out, and Tang Dynasty became wane after its long clip flourishing. So many people think if Yang did n’t look in Xuanzong ‘s life, Tang Dynasty would n’t be wane that shortly. The beauty of Yang was the sticker which ruined the booming Tang Dynasty.
There is another ground that people blame Yang. As Yang was doted by Xuanzong, her brother was asked to work for the tribunal, excessively. Her brother was a cat who knew small about political relations and was addicted to chance. In order to delight Yang, Xuanzong gave her brother a place in the tribunal. What her brother did to the tribunal was a existent ground that leaded Tang Dynasty to the decay.
On the other manus, after old ages analyzing of Tang Dynasty ‘s history, many historiographers hold an sentiment that Yang had nil with the decay of Tang Dynasty. And we prefer to this thought.
Yang was merely a beautiful adult female, she did hold a epicurean life with Xuanzong, but she besides had a acrimonious consequence. When Xuanzong was down, her life was over, excessively. Everyone knows the narrative between Yang and Xuanzong, knows how her beauty affected Xuanzong. However, rarely knows what Yang ‘s life was like before she met Xuanzong. She had married with person and lived in a normal life, but because she was reasonably, she was selected to function Xuanzong, a adult male much older than her. She lived in a good status, but she had to function, even donate all herself to the other adult male. At last, she was asked to decease, to decease for the adult male she had served during all her fantastic yearss. Yang was the whipping boy of Xuanzong. So Yang was n’t a lucky adult female who was spoiled by the male monarch, but a suffering adult female who became the feudal society ‘s sacrificial lamb.
Many historiographers has pointed out that Yang was guiltless with the Tang Dynasty ‘s decay. If we must happen some relationships between Yang and the decay, we merely can state that Yang was one of the contemplations of the feudal society ‘s putrefaction. Tang Dynasty ‘s decay was the destiny. The decay had been doomed at the really beginning of the Tang Dynasty. No affair which dynasty in the history, they all had the same death job, because they were all feudal dynasty. The political relations of the feudal society was the root of every dynasty ‘s decay. We ca n’t owe the mistake to a delicate adult female.
History is the one which is both covered and developed. Every clip has its end line, and the consequence was affected by several of things, non a individual homo. We should see the history or the historic work forces objectively, which will make good to us when we study our history.

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