This semester has been a rough

Published: 2020-05-23 16:56:05
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This semester has been a rough, especially with this 8-week English class course. However, I enjoyed learning in this class, I have come to learn how important it is to properly present his or her self through writing and how communication is important to achieve my goals. In this paper, I will talk about how this course had taught me to write appropriate papers for upcoming future classes, communicating with my peers and learning my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to writing. During this term, there was a small amount of time to finish papers, but the way this class was structured I liked how we could have a couple of days to go over our rough with our peers before submitting it online. I realized my ability to manage time was a challenge when submitting assignments, I would turn in my work late and it would cause more work to pile up for my next assignments. In the future, I will have to manage my time wisely, not over work myself and organize my work accordingly.
Through this course, I tried not to miss any class hours, and so far, I have only missed one class period and honestly, I’m quite surprised with my attendance. I can’t say the same for my homework attendance because, I would often get overwhelmed with school and work. I would just put school on the side and do other things that I enjoyed, to push work out of my mind. Despite that, as I had mentioned earlier during class I found that peer review helped a lot because of the feedback from my peers, it really helped me improve my essays, they saw and gave me advise in things that I wouldn’t have seen.
I have come to learn that writing was never my strongest point, but I have come to recognizes ways to improve and it starts with organizing my schedule and improving my determination when it comes to work. Some advice that I would give to other is, take your time in learning to improve your assignments, plan your time wisely in your school and social life for example getting a planner or stating assignments early but, most of all don’t stress. There are people around you that can offer help, communicate with others on assignments and try out new ways to improve your weakness.

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