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Published: 2020-08-12 19:20:05
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This act focuses on the way that social services and other agencies such as the Police deal with cases involving the wellbeing of children. One of the act’s key statements is The welfare of the child is paramount”. Guidelines are set within the act that exist to aid services in providing care and support to children. The act was amended in 2004 after the case of Victoria Climbié occurred. The case sparked a public enquiry. As a result, it was revealed that had the four services (NHS, Police, School and Social Services) shared their concerns for Victoria’s safety with one another her death may have been prevented. The case resulted in major changes to child protection policies and opened up new lines of communication between the different child services. This act reinforces the responsibility to their pupils that teaching staff have. It encourages them to report any concerns for a child’s welfare to the appropriate person. In 2006 the act was reformed and it was made mandatory for all staff working around children to have a DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Service checks). These checks whether a person is safe to work around children by assessing their background e.g. previous names, criminal convictions etc.

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