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Published: 2020-07-02 15:16:05
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Tina and Dan are honeymooners who did non hold pre-marital sex. Within one twelvemonth. they would wish to get down a household. For now. they are sing assorted birth control methods. Linda is a immature. individual adult female who is actively dating. She merely chooses to be intimate with long-run committed spouses. and she does non desire to be a individual female parent. She is cognizant of the hazards that are associated with sexually transmitted diseases. In Linda’s instance. she needs birth control that will forestall gestation every bit good as provide protection from sexually transmitted diseases. Today. there are many birth control options for married twosomes every bit good as singles.
Tina and Dan have a few birth control options. Tina can take unwritten preventives. The pill has a 0. 1 percent failure rate ( Glasier. 48 ) . Menstrual periods tend to be regular and igniter. However. some adult females gain weight while taking unwritten preventives. Headaches. temper swings. acne. or chest tenderness are besides possible side effects ( Glasier. 70 ) . Intrauterine systems and devices. like Mirena. hold a gestation rate of 0. 1 % in the first twelvemonth. Sides effects can include increased catamenial hemorrhage and period hurting ( dysmenorrhea ) . The transdermic prophylactic spot. such as Ortho Evra and Evra. had an overall failure rate of 1.
24. and the failure rate among perfect users was 0. 99/100 woman-years” ( Glasier. 50 ) . Breast uncomfortableness and painful periods are besides common side effects. For Linda. she can utilize male or female rubbers in add-on to a backup method. Male latex rubbers offer protection against STDs. including HIV infection. The failure rate is 3 to 12 per centum. Condoms that have been stored for long periods of clip can interrupt. Allergies to latex are reasonably common. In this instance. polyurethane rubbers are a better pick. Although much more expensive than latex rubbers. they transfer organic structure heat readily. so there is more esthesis during sex” ( Glasier. 25 ) .
Female rubbers are made of polyurethane and are less likely to rupture. The one-year rate of gestation is 5 % for perfect users and 21 % for typical users” ( Glasier. 31 ) . Because rubbers can interrupt or steal. Linda should see a backup method of birth control like unwritten preventives or the transdermic prophylactic spot. She can besides see an injectable preventive like Depo-Provera. It is 99 per centum effectual in its first twelvemonth of usage. However. irregular hemorrhage or long periods of light shed blooding can happen. Condoms are the lone birth control method that provides protection against HIV infection.
Some work forces complain that have oning rubbers diminishes pleasure while others feel that it can assist to protract sex ( Glasier. 24 ) . Linda should discourse all options with her spouse. Tina and Dan can utilize rubbers every bit good. but most married twosomes don’t experience the demand unless there aren’t any other options. This is normally due to wellness grounds or unpleasant side effects. Regardless of the type of birth control chosen. it should be a common determination. Mentions Glasier. Anna and Beverly Winikoff ( 2005 ) . Contraception. Oxford: Health Press Limited.

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