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Tran Thanh ThaoCIA4UDr. Tobias TimmJune 5th, 2018ASSIGNMENTAs the automatic changes in the standard life of the people, the World Nations are paying attention and evaluation to the perspective about the happiness of people. Until 2017, a detailed and nearly the most accomplished report about World Happiness by UN was published which contributed the various ways to measure the happiness. Due to the World nation, measuring the happiness is based on the most of the statistic about GDP, healthy life expectancy, and life support. The generosity in life and perceptions of corruption is also considered in the ladder to happiness. Along with the elements, such as health, wealth and support from the government, to measure the happiness of a person, their opinions about what the government has done to the country is probably comprehended as other ways to value the happiness’s scale. Generally, the more freedom of a country is, the more satisfaction do people have in their life. The democracy is either the immunity from obligation or duty and also the equality in gender and the races, broadly. The democracy provides the citizens the basic desire, freedom of speech, which helps them to speak up the inequality and insecurity in life. Even the smallest thing – the ability to show up your voices, how a person could feel happy at all. When privilege shows up, the deterioration and impairment also leave. For example, African associate democracy with basic services such as clean water, better education, electricity and, as with the regular in election or freedom to criticize the government parties. They have the strong belief that their voices will affect the decision of the government in case democracy comes to them. Even the colonialism in past history, African has faith in democracy will restore their dignity to stand up and protect them from the civilization of European. According to the World Happiness Report, there is a larger number of countries which are satisfied with the presence of democracy during the time 2013-2015 (Chapter 4, 93-94). And vice versa, the deficit of democracy leads to the rapid decline in the happiness scale. Yet, not all of the countries can adopt this measurement due to the democratic absence in Cuba, people have still come into their lives. To explain this, there is other factors affect the last result number as health and life support. Therefore, to guarantee the accuracy of the statistic, other elements: welfare, support or generosity, should be set up together, including the questions about the role of government. As the last results based on the particular and cautious elements, there is no sure about the rich countries have happier people than poor countries. Despite occupying one of the highest GDP in the world, Chine, sadly enough, has a very low index of happiness. No healthy environment or lacking friendly support from society is typical reasons for the disappointment in life. Moreover, the psychical factor – religion, in fact, plays one of the most important roles to determine the happiness of the country. For instance, Thailand is famous for extraordinary shrines and massive monuments. In spite of the medium for social support and medium GDP, in general, Thailand is at the top of Asian countries which have impressive positive result about happiness. The lasting belief in the religion is the supportive back up for them and helps them to go over everything. Clearly, to say, there are no accurate answers for the sources of happiness. Obviously, there is more than one element to create the perfect and precise keys to be happy. The external environment is important (GDP, support or freedom) as same as the internal factors (religion, generosity or healthy). In a subjective perspective of the readers, there is nothing known as the sources of happiness. For the reason, each person is the individual organism which has several of the characters and separated desire. As well, happiness is naturally the success of achieving each person’s desire. Apparently, no one has the exact desire and demand as well as the same happiness. For example, African has prior demand for clean water and enough food. On the other hand, Chinese requires for fresh air and good support from the government. These examples have explained and proved clearly that the evaluation of happiness is not from the same source, instead of that, it comes from everywhere. Based on the report and the researches of experts about the survey, there are a number of ways and methods to measure the happiness of UMC High School Student. First of all, student’s nationality is the initial criterion for the survey as the method of education in childhood impact on the personality development. It is ironic to say, Asian families tend to bring up children with bookish style. Meanwhile, the others bring up their kids with the combination of intellectual education and character education alternative. Besides, there will be a scale to measure the enjoyment of the friendship and acquaintances at school. Moreover, facility and activities and services are also referred to as one of the main characters to estimate the satisfaction. Last but not least, interact between the employees and the students are the final element to measure the happiness of the students at the school – lectures and students during the class or advisory council with students. However, there would be some gaps in the survey due to the fact that, the survey only deals with the relation and material impact on the students broadly rather than particulars. Still, not everyone likes school even nothing bothers. The happiness is not only made of the material but also built up along with the willingness of people to construct a friendly environment. Though each human has their own happiness, there is other ways for the government to make citizens happier. At first, by regulating the policies about the pension for unemployment and old people manifest the decisive action to help people enjoy life. Secondly, the more people’s cultural standard is increased, the faster way is the life standard grown. Africa is an example. Consequently, even the existence of financial burden or lacking of medicine, the African cultural standard are boosted up by the mobility from the government to develop a better society. The fundamental knowledge about health and reform in free trade have changed the African’s face. On the other hand, increasing the minimum wages for the employee to grow either the consumption index or the life standard. However, there is a limit for the increasing to prevent the economy from being inflated. In general, the attempt of the government plays an important role in the process of increasing the happiness in their country. Yet, there are major factors that probably affect to the last result, as being mentioned before. The economic strength does not have the possibility to change the whole measurement about the happiness. Both Korea and Japan are occupying the top ranks of the highest GDP in the world. However, sadly to say, these countries have the highest rate of people committing suicide because of the stress. This illustrates that even economy strength render the vital services to reduce life’s burden, as health insurance, pension or the free tuition, there still presents blemishes in the system of life which is unable to be solved with physicalism as the reason the mental sickness is the purpose. In the nutshell, the report by UN has given a specific and overall information about people’s happiness. Purpose of living is filling and finding the ultimate happiness. Inevitably, the source of happiness based on people’s opinion, notwithstanding, the basic features of happiness: family, friends and our health should be considered the priority.

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