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Transgenic is a theme that has caused a lot of polemic. The food mainly, and the secondary effects that they can cause in people have caused a division of opinions in society. Should there be a social control over the biotechnology? Does biotechnological research and development show appropriate respect for life, under what rules should this food be allowed? Bruno Latour argues that we are the only ones who differentiate between nature and culture, science and society. He says that science can not be without nature. We are used to separate them so that we can study them since they are huge themes. Transgenic crops are crops that were genetically modified. These crops have been added some particular genetic characteristics in order to grow faster, reproduce quicker, have a better taste, last long, more resistance, better nutrition facts, etc. These crops benefit some enterprises but they could also help to fight against hunger in many countries. Concequences they might have is that of being allergic products. Possible concequences may be. .
Relationship between nature and culture, science and society is necessary. They according to Latour are parts from the same body. They can not exist without the other one. The evolution of science depends on society. Science must also have politics within and in order to exist or to develop correctly. Nature produces science: the knowledge of how things are in themselves and the evolution, while culture produces the social sciences; morality, politics. They must be together since they form a social bond and nature and society are dependent from each other. What Bruno Latour says is that the very notion of culture is and artefact created by bracketing Nature off. Cultures different or Universal, do not exist, any more than nature does. There are only natures and cultures. And he argues that we are the only ones who differentiate absolutely between Nature and Cultrue, between science and Society.

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