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Published: 2020-06-24 16:16:03
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The symbolic interactionism is an first-class sociological position that allows us to concentrate on micro activities and to analyse our society which is the merchandise of everyday’s life. Tuesdays with Morrie is more than a simple book. more than a love affair one ; it is a great book that teaches us many of life’s greatest lessons. An analysis of this book utilizing the SI position and constructs such as intending doing. position. feeling direction. looking-glass ego. function taking. function devising. and self-presentation helps us understand the existent significance of Morrie’s words and lessons.
Morrie Schwartz was a professor at the Brandeis University before larning that he has amyotrophic sidelong induration ( ALS ) . ALS is a barbarous. unforgiving and most significantly deathly disease of the neurological system and there was no known remedy. In the beginning. he had a difficult clip accepting it. but after believing profoundly he decided to bask the remainder of his life to the fullest. He learned that there was nil to make about the unwellness. and that the universe will non stop because he is ill. Would everyone respond this manner after such find? I will non be mistaken if I say that merely a few of us would respond like Morrie.
I. personally. would non respond the same manner. Fortunately. Mitch learned about his old professor Morrie on telecasting and went to see him. After this first visit. he started sing Morrie every Tuesday and learned many life lessons. They discussed approximately many subjects such as the universe. the act of feeling sorry for ourselves. declinations. decease. household. emotions. money. matrimony. and other interesting 1s. But the book is more than merely these subjects. An analysis of the book. utilizing some constructs of the symbolic interactionism position can assist us understand it.
To get down. intending devising is a construct that helps us make significance. We can utilize the word death” as an illustration. Merely by adverting it. people feel uncomfortable because they see it as the terminal of the universe. the terminal of everything. But for Morrie it is different. he takes it as a measure that every one of us will do. He does non see it as something fatal. does non worry. and even do some gags about it. Merely because he gives it another significance. he lives better and happier with his household. There are besides many other illustrations such as money. power. and celebrity.
For many of us. these last three things are indispensable. We think that they are demands for our felicity. but it is non ever true. We think this manner because of the significance we create. Morrie helps us know that other things such as love and household are more of import. To go on. self-presentation is a construct in which people try to act upon the perceptual experience of their image. It can be good or bad. it depends on the individual. Morrie attempt to act upon his image by learning to other people. by loving his married woman. kids. and friends. by making the right things. and besides by ever remaining himself.
He tries to be a wise man ; he knows that he is non the best individual on Earth. but he tries to make good things. Mitch is wholly different. In the beginning. the lone thing that affairs to him is his position. The most of import things for him were money. expensive autos. and celebrity. but non love. He merely tries to portray himself as a great athleticss newsman. Nothing else affairs to him. non even his married woman. Morrie and Mitch present themselves otherwise. but the illustration to follow is clearly Morrie. There is besides the looking-glass ego is a construct by which we think of ourselves the manner people see us.
By feeling direction. we mean that our behaviour alterations easy. frequently. and we do non even think about it. These two constructs are related. Like most of us. Mitch deeply attentions about the manner people see him. He is seeking to do money ; everything he does has to make with money. He is driven by this thought and does non believe about how he truly feels. Mitch thinks that he will be portrayed or seen better by the society if he makes more money. That makes him go greedy. He thinks merely about himself and does non care about his married woman.
This is a common state of affairs in our society ; people change easy due to the environment. We are truly focused on doing more money to hold more power that we forget to be ourselves. We are moving to delight the society and we can non pass our whole life making it. By paying excessively much attending to the manner people see us. we are non populating our life and we hurt others that truly love us. Another interesting construct is the function taking that is the procedure of puting ourselves in person else place. It is something that we neglect most of clip.
If we place ourselves in Morrie’s place. would we accept to lose how privateness and besides bask our life with this unwellness? I doubt so! Even though he is ill. Morrie continue to assist others and listen to their jobs. He acts like he is the healthy 1 when he is non. Morrie is making what Mitch has ne’er done in his whole life. He cares about himself and ignores how others feel when he does something. Before making something. Morrie places himself in the other person’s place. It is something that most of us will ne’er make because we are excessively selfish to make it.
The last construct is the function devising that is the procedure of determining our worlds. we shape our function. Morrie decides to be an first-class male parent. hubby. instructor. professor. and individual. He decides to be this manner. In the other manner. Mitch decides to be a distant hubby. brother. individual. We decide what and who we want to be. No 1 will make it for us. but we must be wise while determining our function. To reason. this analysis of the book. utilizing the symbolic interactionism position and some of its constructs. helps us see the universe. the society. and ourselves in a different manner.
We can see the alterations in Mitch at the terminal of the book ; he shows love. involvement in people. he is like a new adult male thanks to Morrie’s lessons. Merely by using some of Morrie’s principles we will do our universe a better topographic point for everyone. Cipher is perfect and Morrie is surely non the exclusion. But his manner of thought. his actions. his apprehension of human interactions make him truly particular. different to others. He was a instructor. non because he taught a topic. but because he taught us many of import life lessons. This book helps his bequest continue and he deserves it.

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