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Published: 2020-06-25 22:31:05
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Viking misss and married womans were in charge of the place. cookery. stitching and weaving. Duties of the Viking married woman were looking after the farm animate beings. doing butter and cheese. doing certain nutrient lasted through the winter. fixing repasts for the household and taking charge of the farm when her hubby was out raiding or exploring. A married woman from a rich household would hold many slaves to assist her fulfill her responsibilities. Sewing and weaving were a major portion of a Viking woman’s life. and they spent many hours each twenty-four hours at the loom or whirling wool.
Viking adult females were really talented at weaving linen. tapestries and whirling wool. Food dyes were used to dye linen and wool different colorss. and tapestries adorned the walls of longhouses as cosmetic characteristics. Viking adult females wore a long linen frock that was either field or pleated. They wore a long woollen adventitia. a small like an apron over the frock. Over the tunic she might have on a shawl if it was cold. Her legs and pess were covered with thick woolly socks and soft leather places.
Girls were married between the ages of 12-16. The misss had no say in the matrimony and they were so expected to run a family. A married woman could disassociate their hubby if their hubby mistreated them or their kids. was lazy or non a good supplier or insulted her household. The procedure of divorce was rather simple and all the married woman had to make was name some informants and proclaim she was divorced from her hubby at the front door and at their bed.
The Viking adult female had more rights than any other adult female in Europe at the clip. Everything a adult female brought into a Viking matrimony was hers. and did non go the belongings of her husband’s estate. This included her dowery. which normally included linen and wool. a whirling wheel. a loom and a bed. This may change. depending on the wealth of the bride’s household. Husbands trusted their married womans and allowed them to be responsible for many of import things.
The adult female of the house wore the keys to all the edifices tied around her waist as a mark of her authorization and duty. Women slaves had no legal rights. and if they became pregnant the kid was the belongings of the slave’s proprietor. If the slave was sold when pregnant. the kid became the belongings of the new proprietor. Free woman’s kids were protected by jurisprudence and recognized as the belongings of their female parent. Even after divorce the kids were entitled to inheritance. and could non be taken off their female parent by their male parent.

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