When i was a little

Published: 2020-07-29 18:05:06
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When I was a little boy, I walked up hill both ways to school. We had to work for everything we had. There wasn’t the Internet to tell us all the information we needed; we had to walk to the library and search. The computer was unheard of. We had typewriters, were you could not screw up or the page would be ruined. The microwave was something that came out of sci-fi movies; everything was fresh and healthy. McDonalds wasn’t controlling our lives like it is of the kids today. I complain that it was harder, but life was better. When I was a kid we didn’t have to deal with drugs, gangs, and weapons all around. Our entertainment was going to the football game on Friday night, in my case; I was playin’ on the field. I had to be involved. We didn’t have to get high to have fun. Our life was better because we had something real to live for. Honour, respect, and integrity. We all wanted to prove something to someone, either or mother, girlfriends, girlfriend’s father, but mostly our father. Everything was different, the music, the politics, the education system, our homes, and families, everything. Our music didn’t have the *f* word every other line. We talked about peace, love and positive subjects. The politics have always been corrupt to a certain point, but in our day, there was still a hit of morality in the people that run our towns. I was shocked to hear that my precious granddaughter was in a class of thirty-five. In my day there was a teacher for every fifteen students, maybe even less. Even with the school being over crowed the most shocking thing of the society we live in is that almost 50% of the marriages don’t last. Our families were happy, when we married, we knew it was the right person. Divorce is taken too lightly. We don’t respect each other. The kids of my time had respect. We knew our place, not like the kids today. Respect your elders.” That’s what I was taught, and we all did.

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