Why I Am Attending College

Published: 2020-08-07 00:30:03
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Every student has different reasons to be at Valencia College but mine pertains to one that most of the students have in common, receive a degree. I’ve been taking several classes and my main objective is to graduate with my business administration degree. I have been taking all the required classes to achieve my goals and have over come the struggle to persevere within them. Not only is my education motivated from my family but through my own business as well. I am running my own company out of a call center in Pakistan.
The marketing aspect of my business is outsourced through call centers, which allows me to keep costs at a minimum. Since I was a child, I would always try to find ways to make money. I saw myself at the age of thirteen creating an online viral marketing free iPod website. I learned the tips and tricks for pyramid schemes at an early age and saw how businesses were developed. Not to mention had many websites and offered hosting and designer work to clients and maintained their personal web pages on my servers. Being successful is one of my main ambitions throughout school.
I want to be rich later on in life so I can enjoy all the good aspects of the future. My future is very important to me because I know that if I put my mind to something I can accomplish it. A degree would make me feel as if I’ve completed something in life. With that degree comes along money, cars, houses, a beautiful spouse, and respect. After I receive my degree in business administration, I plan to further my education by attending law school and train in the arts of bankruptcy. My reasoning behind that is because during this moment of time in America, I feel that our country is going through its second depression.
Since a lot of people are remaining in debt over the years, working as a bankruptcy attorney would guarantee that I will always have work to do. What keeps me most motivated to do well in school is my Mother. She passed away late of June this past year and things haven’t been same since then. I plan on making her proud and excelling to the best of my abilities in school. I take challenges very seriously and have fun learning in class. I am hoping that this semester of Valencia College will allow me to reach further into my goals.

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