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Author Norman Vincent Peale was born in Bowersville, Ohio, on May 31, 1898. He was chosen into the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1922 and served as a curate in a multiplicity of churches in the eastern United States for a long clip of a decennary. In 1932, he emotionally involved the Dutch Reformed Church and became the curate of the Marble Collegiate Church, a station he held for more than 50 old ages. He died on Christmas Eve, 1993.
Norman Vincent Peale is good known for his celebrated book, The Power of Positive Thinking which has sold in the 1000000s. Why some positive minds get powerful consequences ” on the other manus is an tremendously utile and helpful because it gives 100s of illustrations of how people changed their thought and attitudes to acquire positive consequences in their lives. In fact during reading of the book I used to read one chapter and seek to move as per the ether of the chapter and I can state with the confidence that stairss mentioned in the book are really effectual in our practical life. For illustration: Writing out ends on a card and transporting out the cards in my bag to reenforce my ends. More significantly, these reminders kept me on path day-to-day. He calls this suggestion by the old rubric of the shirt pocket technique ” proposing transporting one ‘s ends around on cards in the shirt pocket.
The writer thought that if you do n’t believe in yourself, you do n’t much believe in God. He has emphasized that the kernel of one ‘s success depends on his belief in God every bit good. Belief at the gap of a dubious project is the one thing that will vouch the success of any concern endeavor. ” Guidance from God, like other gifts from Him, is received by religion. He says believe that and move for that ground.
In the 3rd chapter, he talks about job resolution and reminds us that every job contains the seeds of its ain solution. ” The writer tells us why a individual fails to go what he or she could be? It occurs when the individual does non give the occupation or attempt the whole head and does non allow the full ego become involved.
The writer has pointed out that a negative word is symbol of negative construct that can be damaging. Furthermore he has mentioned that words like ” if, ca n’t and impossible are the negative words when a individual uses in the class of his journey. He advises that these words should be dropped down and covered everlastingly and replaced with tins and possible so success is guaranteed. He tells that as one thinks or images in deep realisation, so will one tend to go because Like attracts like ” .
The writer negotiations about the success as a consequence of good wellness in chapter nine. He mentions that good wellness is developed through an merger of penetration, belief, in-depth religion and declaration of the re-creative power of the Godhead. He has quoted Plato ‘s stating that Neither should we of all time attempt to bring around organic structure without bring arounding the psyche ” . He farther suggests that three basic elements of being i.e. organic structure, head and psyche should be kept in harmoniousness and balance ”
On the last page there ‘s a quotation mark from Thomas A. Edison that sums up the whole message of this book, If we were to make all we are capable of making we would literally amaze ourselves. ” It is with that spirit that Dr. Peale presents more cogent evidence that one ‘s ideas set up one ‘s fate. A maestro at learning people to associate religion in mundane life, Dr. Peale has made another strong instance for faith-based life.
There are 11 chapters of the book Why Some Positive Thinkers Get Powerful Results ” by Norman Vincent Peale and every chapter of the book is appealing and thought arousing. The best thing about the book is that it can be read from any chapter because its each chapter contains a fresh thought and an attack which is 100 % feasible. Every chapter has been explained with day-to-day life experiences of people he met in churches, in talk halls, friends, common work forces and high profile people.
The book contains simple rules but these simple and life changing rules show the manner to the astonishing consequences in our life. When we read the rules we get them but I must state that these rules when necessity to follow are non easy. For illustration Positive Thinking ” is a simple rule which can take to a really important consequence. Positive thought is a realistic but solid achieved doctrine. It is achieved by those who are strong in religion, strong in idea and strong in character. Positive thought is non a coercion instead it is a pick. It depends on strength of the desire to be positive.
Critical Evaluation:
The writer Norman Vincent Peale has been functioning for a long clip in a church as reverend and therefore he has referred assorted poetries from The Bible in his book for turn outing and authenticating the point or rule. He might hold quoted the poetries from The Bible in order to maintain reader unbroken with the Christian religion for illustration: The things which are impossible with work forces are possible with God. ” Luke 18:27 or I can make all things through Christ who strengthens me. ” Phil 4:13. There are many sacred verse forms and Hagiographas in the book but at page no.96 there is one verse form written as:
Silence. Silence.
Heavenly Father.
Kindly male parent.
My Father. ”
See Him as merely that.
Then state:
The great God,
the loving God,
the protecting God. ”
Then attention deficit disorder:
Jesus Christ,
My Lord and Savior,
is assisting me now. ”
Keeping that in position such manner of composing writer may hold limited the book reading for people associated with Christianity merely because of the fact that trusters of other faiths may happen it otherwise.
In my positions the rules quoted in the book are general and simple in signifier. Every reader of this book without being bigoted to the spiritual beliefs given in the book can easy associate with his concerned spiritual beliefs and happen many solutions by maintaining strong religion in the Creator and in himself.
This book differentiates the positive mind from a negative mind. The writer sees the positive mind as a truster and a negative mind as a nonbeliever. And it is the same construct of hope that Islam has provided us long ago. The existent success narrative starts when a positive mind rises to the juncture when traveling gets tough alternatively of giving up when confronted with adversities.
The reading of this important book which has brought 1000000s on the path of positiveness and strong belief is extremely recommended. Purpose of the book Why some positive minds get powerful consequences ” would be fulfilled when a reader reads the chapter so visualizes and actualizes the same in his life. When the reader is confident that he has achieved the degree so he must travel frontward to the following chapter.
The writer Norman Vincent Peale has written many other books as good but a few like You can if you think you can ” , Believe in yourself ” , The astonishing consequences of positive thought ” A usher to confidence life ” and The positive ways to alter your life ” are recommended for reading and pattern in life.
We get what we think ” because what we think makes a manner towards our fate.
The book fundamentally teaches that how to be a positive person. To look on the bright side of life and alter your hereafter fortunes through positive ideas. Negative ideas do ever bring forth negative effect. If you do the same thing repeatedly, your life will ever stay in a inactive place it will non alter. Therefore, if you have lived in a rhythm of negative thought for most of your life, now is the clip to change your idea. The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale can assist you to alter the manner you think. This book can give you the kick-start you need to get down doing something good of your life. It can assist in many things such as ; with depression, sick wellness, matrimonial jobs, end scene, and new calling way
I recommend this book ; The power of Positive Thinking is a book that you can read and larn how to believe positively and how to acquire powerful consequences.
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