Would you like your home and your community to be part of a smart grid?

Published: 2020-07-12 12:35:05
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What other areas of our infrastructure could benefit from ‘smart’ technologies? Describe one example not listed in the case. One example that could benefit from smart technologies similar to the proposed electric grids is monitoring water usage in homes and businesses. Smart technologies could allow water utilities and consumers to • Monitor water flows much like electric usage • Turn off lawn sprinklers during the heat of the day or based on predetermined schedules
• Use monitors in lawns and around plants and shrubs to prevent over- or under-watering • Monitor evaporation rates • Monitor pools, fountains, and other water features for usage How would individuals use the smart grid to reduce energy consumption? • What kind of software would customers be willing to install and use? What kind of software would customers be willing to install and use? • Would users be willing to absorb some of the costs, all of the costs, or none of the costs associated with retrofitting homes, buildings, and appliances?
• How much information would individuals be willing to share with the energy companies and potentially local state and federal government energy companies and potentially, local, state, and federal government agencies? • If customers weren’t part of a smart grid, would they be willing to pay f ld h b lk diff i ? 7 more for energy or wou ld they balk at diff ering Six reasons why information systems are so important for business today include: – Operational excellence Operational excellence – New products, services, and business models – Customer and supplier intimacy
– Improved decision making – C titi d t C ompe titi ve advantage – Survival Information sy g yy stems are the foundation for conducting business today. In many industries, survival and even existenc e without extensive use of IT is inconceivable, and IT plays a critical role in increasing productivity. Although information technology has become more of a commodity, when coupled with complementary changes in organization and management, it can provide the f d ti f d t i d f d ti b i th t foundation for new products, services, and ways of conducting business that provide firms with a s

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