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Published: 2020-05-13 06:26:04
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In India, it translates into a growing number of literate youngsters, which is both a challenge and an opportunity. India has million youngsters who were born after 1975, the youngsters, from those who have just entered their teens to those about to pass into middle agedom, constitute the people who can and do lead the nation, in business, in arts, in politics and in society. Of these, some are literate, the total youth population. This population of literate youth has grown between 2001 and 2009.
Television has not made a dent on newspapers as a source of information; being seen as a source for entertainment and for news and current affairs; the youth read newspapers to gather news and information on currents events; only some are read for entertainment. The Internet-accessed by only youth – is more of Entertainment Central than an information one-stop shop. The literate youth agreeing to reservations for women in Parliament and local government, there is clearly a slow shift in attitudes in the next generation. The fact that so many were from villages and yet voiced opinions of this kind is very promising.
That there has been a general tendency on the part of the literate youth to move from rural to urban areas. Rural mobility for long has been confined to the working class but with the increase in demand for skills which require higher education, rural youth are no longer averse to moving out. This is apparent from the literate youth in the villages being matriculates or below” and only some were being graduates, driving them to look beyond the rural limits for their careers. The average age of Indian youth completing their highest education level is around 15.
And the literate youth have not gone to college. And more worryingly, the growth in the number of literate youngsters was more rapid in urban India. Which means that access to education inside India is still low? The proportion of youth with higher education attainments is relatively greater in towns than villages and gender differences are stark. ”The quality of the human resource is of paramount important”. This can become both an economic and social problem. Economic, because an additional youngsters are to be added to the workforce by 2020. They will need jobs, good jobs.
And social, because of the diverse composition of this force- for instance, the literate youth are live in rural areas, and the biggest chunk, is from south India. But then the stories of struggle and of success in the following pages seem to suggest that what India’s youth dividend imagines, it also implements. YOUTH IS POWER I had an experience that taught me somebody is powerful, and then I realized that they are youth. O my dear youth, you are the power, the power of being wise and the vice. You have the power to be ideal and idle, yes: you can save the people you can also destroy lives too.
O my youth you can and you cannot change yourself and the world, yet you want to change but stand challenged still you can break through the challenges if you will, then challenge the challenge the will, will become the power, the will of the inner power and not the external fancies. The power is within you and not with the society. Then the worldly power will fall at your feet, you can subdue the world and also be slave to it. Choose the best; the best will come to you. You give the power of support, encouragement, love, loyalty etc. The same power will be back to you which make you upright.
So I dare to say to you that you are that power, the power of making a new world and generation. Dare to change than being in the mob. Be different than being different. The fame will surround you and the shame will flee away, stand for conviction the fate will lose its place. Live and lead the moral life and all will look up to you. Vivekananda said I need five youth to change the world, Terrorist say I need youth to destroy. My dear youth where will you go, or will you remain isolated. No you cannot. The society looks forward to you with earnings.
I need youth to create and not to recreate, I need youth to form and not to deform, I need youth of willing and not yelling, I need youth of doing and not saying. One can be youth even in seventies and be old in twenties. The society needs the active youth in sprit and action than in age. So give power to empower, create jobs than looking for, you change yourself than blaming others, be model than longing for, be creative and do not curtail the others, choose the power of ‘can’ you can, and do away the anti-power and immerse in the inner power. Believe in yourself, others will gain meaning for life.
Yet struggles will flow; yes make them as stepping stones. Then they prove your prudence and you improve the power within, wait for none and go with all, yes are a leader to share the power. Then you are the youth, the youth full of power; you prove your power and the whole world will approve it, the power of love that melts the stony hearts, the powers that do away the evils, the power that makes you anew and the power of the powerless. The power transcends all social evils. Yes, you have the power and you are that power. So, realize and rejuvenate the power and this is, hour of need. Youth was created to create.
Youth was designed to design his life. By the very process of creation, and then through parents, relatives, teachers, and society too much of an investment has gone in, in the making of a youth. As a result, every youth has a moral responsibility to live life worthy of his potential. When you study in the same school for 14 years from your lower kindergarten to twelfth standard, your school becomes your second home. Suresh will be passing out of the school this year. Almost everyone teachers and students, know that Suresh has no competition for the most coveted award- ‘The Best Outgoing Student ‘.
This evening will be Suresh’s evening. We all become what we become in life because someone believed us much before we began to believe ourselves. That someone was moorthi for Suresh. The student-teacher chemistry is a mystery. We never know when it would happen and why it happen, with whom it would happen and why it happens. But as and when it happens, miraculous transformations happen. Suresh and moorthi was just one such chemistry just clicked. In discovering moorthi , Suresh discovered himself. Moorthi saw something in Suresh and hence began to work on Suresh.
Suresh would so often proudly proclaim, I’m my teacher’s product. ”Suresh came a little too early to school. He was searching from one staffroom to another for moorthi . When approached the ninth standard block, he could hear the voice of moorthi from one of the staffrooms. Moorthi was in conversation with one of his old students. The ‘hero’ of the evening waited outside, but could candidly hear the conversation that was going on. The old student, someone who had passed out from school almost 20 years ago-one of the first batch students of moorthi , was sharing his success story with the’potter’behind the’pot’.
He was sharing about how he did 18 crores last year, what his future plans are, about his family life, some nostalgia of his school days-attempting to give a complete picture to moorthi. Needless to say, Suresh’s imagination ran wild-what would I be sharing with moorthi when I meet him 20 years from now? ”The old student exchanged a hug with moorthi and took leave. Suresh entered the staffroom and moorthi smiled ear-to-ear. More than your own success, the successes of those you create are always dearer to you. In a way this was also moorthi’s evening. Sir, feed my curiosity,” Suresh said.
I happened to overhear the conversation between you and your old student. What does it mean to you, Sir, when students you have created do so well in life? I know what teaching means to you. Yet, doesn’t it affect you- do you go through thoughts like, while I have remained a teacher, the world I have created has gone so much ahead. Don’t you feel while you have created so many leaders, but isn’t it true sir, you have remained where you have remained. Can I have some clarity Sir, on what goes on inside moorthi? ” Anything from his wonder boy made moorthi smile.
He asked Suresh to take his seat. He took a glance at the clock and there was at least another half-an-hour. Moorthi said, The ‘cause’ doesn’t compare itself with the ‘effect’. Why will parents compare their success with their children’s; why would a teacher evaluate his life relative to that of a student; why will a potter be affected by the adulations that his pot gets? Gardeners know that the trees they create will outlive them. Teachers, potters, gardeners… they are creators. Personally, there has never ever been even a glimpse of thought to compare my life with that of my students.
It is only as you question I realize that you can also look at things that way. In fact, it will be a dharma for a teacher to compare himself with his students. My dharma is to create, and create I shall as a teacher… twenty years ago him, today you, and tomorrow someone else. A creator never compares himself with his creation. The youth of a nation are the trustees of posterity”. For India, that carries a special resonance. The young population of the country will reach close to 574 million by 2020. More important, the youth population is literate.
By 2015, they will belong to a generation born in the post-economic reforms era with access to enabling technology, greater economic opportunities and advanced education standards. India has to be geared in terms of infrastructure and political process to fulfill their hopes and dreams. Indeed, the possibilities for young people are endless. In India, everything is happening at the same time: urbanization, privatization, technological advances, better communication, expansion of energy, reformed governance. It’s a time of free enterprise and of freer thinking. Change is all around us and every constant is being challenged.
As Mahatma Gandhi reminded us many years ago, young people are the salt of the nation with the ability to change the course of history. What will be our tomorrow is what young people decide today. This is not just an enormous market, but new citizens with emerging civic responsibilities, new voters with changing political sensibilities and new professionals with ideas they want to implement. But what sort of society do the youth want to build? What sort of political ideology will they support? Will they be able to dream with imagination and excel with innovation? So, I hope our youngsters can do best thing for our country.

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